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About El Sistema at Berkshire Children and Families


Kids 4 Harmony is a program inspired by El Sistema, a visionary global movement to transform the lives of children through classical music. Founded more than 35 years ago, El Sistema has achieved unparalleled success in providing youth the opportunity to learn and play orchestral music while simultaneously uplifting the children, their families and their communities. For 125 years, Berkshire Children and Families has improved the lives of children by strengthening family and community relationships.

Both BCF and El Sistema seek to engage parents and communities in recognizing the potential of each child, and helping each child fulfill that potential. The results transform a child, a family, and an entire community:

  • Children come to understand that there are no limits to their success
  • Families become even more invested in their children’s development
  • Communities see every child as an asset and celebrate their accomplishments

Kids 4 Harmony increases children’s aspirations

El Sistema’s approach to music education emphasizes intensive ensemble participation, group learning, learning through performance, and peer teaching.

Kids 4 Harmony is a new model for social change

About the Program

Kids 4 Harmony meets 5 afternoons a week after-school at Morningside Community School in Pittsfield Massachusetts. The children enrolled in Kids 4 Harmony can choose to play violin or cello and are engaged in intensive music learning.

Kids 4 Harmony also offers a pre-school choral music program at Berkshire Children and Families’ West street pre-school site. These children make up our ‘Sunshine Singers’.

By learning and working together students develop discipline, self-confidence, social and collective responsibility. These are tools that will lead them to success not only in music, but in anything else they may aspire to do.

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