Berkshire Mentoring Network

Through Berkshire Children and Families’ Americorps Highland Street Ambassador of Mentoring, we support the Berkshire Mentoring Network. The Network is a collective of mentoring programs in the Berkshires, which uses different approached to mentoring, but our shared belief that mentoring can is a difference maker to young people in our community the  Mentoring Network together. We come together to keep connected, inclusive, and informed. By supporting each other, in this vision, we can maximize our impact in the Berkshires and our own programs.

What we do?

  • Meet quarterly to share best practices, challenges, and new ideas.
  • Coordinate an annual community-wide mentoring resource fair and social media campaigns to raise awareness and recruit mentors.
  • Gain access to Mass Mentoring resources.
  • Create and distribute a quarterly newsletter.

While our various organizations differ upon the characteristics of who we are serving and how, the shared vision, that is to serve our community and its constituents, brings the Mentoring Network together.

Join us!  For more information contact Kevin Ashline Highland Street Ambassador of Mentoring |  413-448-8281 ext. 263

Berkshire Mentoring Network Participating Organizations

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