Josephine & Louise Crane Foundation
The Zunz Family

The Feigenbaum Foundation
The Green Foundation
Dorothy Altman Weber and Stephen Weber

Ellen J. Bernstein
Linda G. Conway
Coolidge Hill Foundation
Dean Foundation for Little Children
Catharine Deely
Paul R. and Virginia Pearce Glick Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
Robbins de Beaumont Foundation
Carol and Irving Smokler

Donna A. Bernstein
Linde Family Foundation
Susan and David Lombard
Jane and Robert Mayer
Eric Nelson
Penny and Claudio Pincus
The Seymour Tutelman Family Foundation
TD Bank

The Barrington Foundation, Inc.
Berkshire Bank Foundation
Robert Bogomolny and Janice Toran
The Boys from Brooklyn
Greylock Federal Credit Union
Karen and Werner Gundersheimer
Margaret P. Stevenson Foundation
Carolyn and Eli Newberger
Perry Fund for Others
The Ruth Krauss Foundation
W. August Selke
Virginia Stanton Smith and Craig Smith

A Better Community
Glenn and Paula Allan
The Annie Selke Companies
James and Margaret Beauregard
In Memory of Paul Belouin
Paul and Phyllis Berz
Joan Blair
Sydelle and Lee N. Blatt
Blue Q
Neal Borovitz & Ann Appelbaum
Jane Braus
Mimi Collins
D’Addario Music Foundation
Sophie and Lee Dichter
Ursula Ehret Dichter
The Dobbins Foundation
Virginia and George Elvin
Fred and Nancy Fagelman
First Congregational Church of Williamstown
Emily Fisher
Isanne & Sanford Fisher
Fuqua Family Fund
Marita & David Glodt
Pim and Pandy Goodbody
Paul and Mela Haklisch
Aaron and Ashley Herr
Joan and James Hunter
Valerie and Allen Hyman
Marianne and Richard Jaffe
James Powers Testamentary Trust
Jewish Women’s Foundation of Berkshire County
Ellen Kennedy and Mark Gold
Rodney Langman
In Memory of John Lindsay
Kathleen and Philip McKnight
In Memory of Nora Mazzer Powers
Mary and Seth Nash
Norman Shulevitz Foundation
Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc.
Sandra and Mark Parent
Claudia Perles
Steven Perles
Karen & Ronald Rettner
Rita J. & Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation, Inc.
William and Katie Schmidt
Elizabeth and Mark Selkowitz
Lois and Leonard Sharzer
Edward and Carla Slomin
David and Lorna Strassler
Marie and Nils Stuart
Rebecca and Michael Thompson

220 Russell Street LLC
Susan Abramowitz
Adams Community Bank
Adelson & Company PC
Nancy Akeson
Richard and Carolyn Allan
Keith and Felicia Anzel
Bruce Auerbach and Robin Richman
Diane Austin and Aaron Nurick
Liliana and Hillel Bachrach
Kathy and Gene Bernstein
Kelly Blau
Carolyn and Nelson Bonheim
Jeffry & Marcella Bradway
Esther and Jack Budnick
Gregory Bulger and Richard Dix
Mary Jo Carpenter
Michael Chen
Laurence Cherkis
Ellen Cohen
Phyllis Cohen
Ann Colin Herbst
Stewart Colton
Paula Consolini and James Mahon
Susan and Clark Coolidge
Gretchen Court
Barbara and John Craig
Tim Crane
Cynthia and Oliver Curme
Judy David
Aline and Alexander Drescher
Edwards Church of Northampton
Mary Jo and Walter Engels
Ethel O’Brien Field of Interest Fund
Reba and Bruce Evenchik
Gintare Everett
Helen and Albert Febbo
Linda Febles
Nancy Eldman Feldman and Myron Chefetz
Ronald Feldman and Elizabeth Morse
Helen and Milton Fink
Sandra and William Flannery
Ellen Fox
Joanna and Ellis Fribush
Gerald and Roberta Friedman
Audrey and Ralph Friedner
Susan and Richard Grausman
Guido’s Fresh Marketplace
Haddad Dealerships of the Berkshires
Candace Hall
Sarah Hancock
Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.
Lynne and Robert Horvath
Rhonda and Stanley Jacobs
Johnson String Instrument
Karen Ketcham
Kimball Farms Residents Association
Carolyn and Christopher King
Marilyn and William Kirby
Harvey and Phyllis Klein
Sara Koffman
Wendy Laurin and Jeff Konowitch
Patricia Krol
Liz and George Krupp
Elaine and Ray Kushi
Joyce and Richard Lacatell
Roberta and Peter Lafayette
Helaine and Marvin Lender
William Levy and Karen Kelly
Mary Lincoln
Joyce Linde
M. Christine Macbeth-Rivers
MacFarlane Office Products
Main Street Hospitality Group
Ellen and Stuart Masters
Malcolm and Jackie Mazow
Nancy McIntire
Andrea and Fred Mensch
Laure and Olivier Meslay
Sara and Arthur Milano
JoDare and Robert Mitchell
Molari Employment & Healthcare Services
Moldmaster Engineering, Inc.
MountainOne Financial Partners
Mary Mullen and Laurence Oberwager
Mary Jo Murphy
Sandra and Ralph Myrow
Suzanne Nash
Congressman Richard E. Neal
Kim C. Noltemy
Patricia North
Northampton Police and Fire Department
Stephen and Patricia Paddock
J. Mark and Janice Peterman
Wendy Philbrick and Edward Baptiste
Andrew and Meg Plumer
Bert & Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation
Suzanne Priebatsch
Julie Quain
Nancy and David Ratner
Restaurant Operator’s Cooperative
Rosamond Rice
Laura Rosenthal
Hunter Kerr Runnette and Mark Vanderbosch
Jane Ryan
Kay and Parvis Sadighi
Elizabeth Sapery and Rosita Sarnoff
Leonard Saxe and Marion Gardner-Saxe
Elizabeth Sayman
Anne Schnesel
Charles Schulze and Lucy Holland
Carolyn Schwartz
Carol and Richard Seltzer
Arlene and Donald Shapiro
Van Shields and Peggy Rivers
Carole G. Siegel
Adrienne Silverstein
South Congregational Church
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Stanwalt Realty Associates LLP
Mr. Ken Stark in memory of Lynn
Sheila Stone
John and Janie Strachan
Arthur and Jeannette Taylor
Maryellen and James Tremblay
Diane Troderman
Judy and Edward Warren
Whitmans Crystal Clean
Arthur and Anne Wichman
Tracy Wilson and David Wampler
Bill Wootters
Cheryl and Michael Zaccaro
Zonta Club of Berkshire County

Christiana and Robert Abel
Mary Lou Accetta
Margaret Ackerman
Courtney and Michael Addy
Jean Adelson
Ayden Anderson
Amy and Anthony Anderton
Anne and Joseph Apkin
Arcadian Shop
Sue and Howard Arkans
Richard Arnold and Ruth Levine Arnold
Michelle Atchinson and Bob Atchinson
Rahul Bahl
Christine and Mark Baldridge
Deborah Balmuth
Paige Bartels and Nichole Mellow
Molly Batchelder
Linda Becker
Nancy J Belouin
Berkshire Theatre Group
John and Melissa Bissell
Glenna and Martin Bloom
Nicholas Boraski
Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier
Sheriff and Mrs. Thomas Bowler
Janet Brannen
Robert and Carolynne Braun
Edward Bride
Ruthann Bromley
Mary and Robert Bry
David and Christine Burbank
Burbank Mediation Services
Mario and Laurel Caluori
John and Pamela Campbell
Cassandre Carmon
Wende and David Carver
Gary and Karen Cellana
Penny and Laurence Choquette
Elaine and Michael Christopher
Mark Churchill
Mimi Cohen
Columbia Council 411 K
Debra and Sean Connors
Michael Considine
Joan and Peter Coombs
Claudia Coplan
Susan Cormier
Douglas Crane
Crescent Creamery, Inc.
Eugene and Dolly Curletti

Peter and Pamela D’Ambrosio
Kimberly and W. Adam Davis
Carol and Richard Daynard
James Deane
Jerome and Brenda Deener
Eugene Dellea
Candence Deloi
Carol DeLorenzo and David Anderegg
Nathan Doctrow
Marilyn and Daniel Doyle
Marilyn and James Drisko
Shirley Edgerton
Encharter Insurance, LLC
Valerie and Theodore Evans
Alfred M. Ferris
Peter Filkins
Patricia and James Fingeroth
First Congregational Church of Great Barrington
Steffi Fletcher
Deborah and A. King Francis
Francis Investment Consulting Group, Inc.
Elizabeth Furey
Kathryn and Henry Gallitano
Patrice and Anthony Gamberoni
Gabrielle Garber
Jim Geary
Karen and David Gengler
Virginia and James Giddens
Howard Gorham
Grady & Jennings Concrete, Inc.
Carol and Joel Greenberg
Gale and Dustin H. Griffin II
Frederick Griffiths
Judith and Bruce Grinnell
Francis andl Wadja Groleau
George and Sharon Gruele
Joseph and Jean Guerin
Maryjean and Christopher Guidette
The Hair Studio
Mary Jane Handler
Hannon Lerner, PC
Barbara Hanson
Cynthia Hashim
Portia and James Henle
Fay Henry
Linda Hill
Ira Hillman
Susan and Stuart Hirshfield
Marcia and Fred Hochberg
Colleen and Mark Holmes
Phoebe Honig
In Memory of Carolyn Mower Burns
In memory of Iris Schwartz
In memory of Irwin Shainman
In memory of Joe Fox
Injected Solutions, Inc.
Martin and Judythe Isserlis
Charles and Dorothy Jenkins
Gert Jones
Joanne and David Keator
Jill and Daniel Kessler
Judy and John Kittredge
Edwin Kolodny and Roz Kolodny
Ann Koski
Gary P. Lamoureaux
Cheryl Landa
Karen Lartin
Elaine and Bob Lee
Augusta and Eugene Leibowitz
Christine Lennon
Marjorie and Edward Levin
Elaine and Leonard Lipton
Barbara and Richard Litt
Lombardi, Clairmont & Keegan
Jude and John Lubrano
Barbara Malkas
Shirley and Jay Marks
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Donna Mattoon
Mary and James Maxymillian
Helen and James McCarthy
Sigrid McWilliams
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.
Wilma and Norman Michaels
Enid Michelman
Joel and Kathleen Millonzi
Leslie Morris
Judith and Alexander Nardacci
Floydette and James Nesti
Lois L. Neumann and Susan Wojtasik
Northampton Vision Specialists LLC
Brian O’Connor
Suzanne Pelissier
Pierce Machine Company, Inc.
David and Adrienne Plavin
Robyn and Michael Pochettino
Asta Potter
Margaret Poutasse
Ramelle and Michael E. Pulitzer Jr
Estelle Quain
Paul Raverta
Ray Murray, Inc.
Judith Reichert
Renaissance Investment Group
Linda and Richard Rendine
F. Peter and Mary Rentz
Betty Rich
Pamela and Tom Rich
Anne Righter
Donald and Donna Rochelo
Adele Rodbell
Dean and Mary Rogeness
Milt Rubin
Bonnie and William Sexton
Bernice Shainman
Carl and Claudia Shuster
Frederica and Efrem Sigel
Tamara Sime
Anna and Don Singleton
L. Scott and Robert Singleton
Linda Slakey
Paul and Turbi Smilow
Lauren Spitz
Springside Greenhouse Group
Margery and Lewis Steinberg
Abbe and Peter Steinglass
Lance and Chelly Sterman
Stockbridge Gas
Sharon Strassfeld
Norma Strassler
Elizabeth and Joseph Strauch
Harry Stuart and Claudine Chavanne
Ellen Sutherland
Lois and David Swawite
Lisa and Matthew Swedis
Jean Talarico and John Weslowski
Sheila and C. Randolph Thunfors
Lisa Tully
Mayor Linda Tyer
Unitarian Universalist Church of Pittsfield
Marlene and Stephen Walt
Laurie Waluszko
Marian Warden
Alexandra Warshaw
Terry and Arthur Wasser
Stacey and Jeffrey Weber-Gillis
Westhampton Congregational Church
Harriet Wetstone
Whitaker Associates, LLC
Robert and Jane Willis
Natalya and Sergey Yantovsky
Mary and Steve Yarmosky
Adriana Zabala
Nancy and Peter Zawistowski
Joan and Peter Zegras

Dorcas Platt Abell
ALJ Designs
David and Therese Allen
Amazon Smile Foundation
Grace Arzt
Elizabeth and David Avery
Thomas and Veronica Balardini
John and Sharon Ballard
Thomas Bankman and Maryann Novajosky-Bankman
Yvette Bastow
Bernard and Diana Belouin
Peter and Mary Anne Belouin
Frederick and Mara Lee Bierman
Marcus Blanchard
Kathleen and Thomas Borden
Marlene Brager
Louise and Gunter Breitmaier
Donald and Pamela Brennan
James Brissette
Laura Broad
Jytte and John Brooks
Judith Burbank
Sara Burke
Paula and Harold Byrdy
Laurie and Wayne Carbin
Justyna and Gene Carlson
Lisa Carvalho
Marietta and James Cawse
Kelly Challett
Elaine and David Chenail
Robert and Judith Chenail
Winthrop and Carol Chenail
John and Annmarie Cicchetti
Mary and John Collura
Linda Colvin
Clark Cone
Helen Cooper
William and Carolyn Corby
Abigail Crine
Modestino and Nancy Criscitiello
Adele Cukor
Craig and Patricia Cusson
Dianne Cutillo and Bernard Cutillo
James and Janet Daly
Amy Davidson
Melanie Desmarais
Dawn Desnoyers
Nicole and paul Desrosiers
Thomas Dillon
Margaret Dotchin
Diane Dunlavey
East Street Video & Variety
Deborah Edson
Brenda and John Elling
Jay Ellis
Nancy and Martin Engels
Carolyn and George Farley
Annemarie Farrell and Mary Robinson
Christopher and Veronica Fenton
Patrick Folan
Donald Fournier
Deborah and Peter Franz
MaryJane and Gerard Fromm
Susan Geller
Judith Glockner
Henry and Karen Gold
Martin Gorman
Jon Gotterer and Nina Molin
LeVaun and William Graulty
Lisa and Paul Green
Richard Greene and Lindsay Crampton
Carol Grossman
Beverly Hallock
John and Catherine Hamling
Alden and Myrna Hammerling
R. Reed and Evelyn Hand
Janice and Harry Hartford
Yehudit and Eric Heller
Anne and Frank Heston
Curtis and Mary Anne Hicks
Dorothy Hill
Jeffrey and Tracy Hiltpold
Marjorie Hirsch
Joan Honeyman
Judith and William Hopper
In memory of Sheila Barry Wessel
Barbara Jacoby
Phyllis and Joseph Jaffe
Monique Jalbert
Rose John
Nancy Kalodner
Marsha Karlson
Mara Klein Collins
James and Alison Kolesar
Edward and Teresa Krzysztof

Elisabeth and Eric Lamoureaux
Brenda and Fred Landes
Craig Langlois
Susan Langman
Bonnie LaPierre
Edith LaSala
Riley Lefebvre
Donna Lefkowitz
Lois and Stephen Lenett
Kay Lerner
Pamela Levit
Dr. and Mrs. Dan Lewis
Janice and Kenneth Longstreeth
Ann and William Longstreeth
Sarah Luick
Kathy Lundgren
Barbara and Kenneth Mahler
Lewis Mainzer
Ammy and Philip Mamolito
Lorraine and Albert Mancuso
Marian Fathers
Kenneth and Ann Mastrioanni
Pamela and Stephen Maurer
John and Marie Mazza
Paul and Cynthia McFarland
Kimberly McNeil
Becky and Roy McNiven
Alison Mengel
George and Audree Menken
Peter and Stephanie Merwin
Carol Messerschmitt
Edna and Daniel Miller
Alice and Alan Model
Carole and James Montepare
Deborah and Francis Morris
Carol A Morrison
Susan Mower
June Mufatti
Betsy and David Mullins
Sandra and Albert Nachbauer
Robert Nason and Lisa Sloane
Joan and Harold Nelson
Ellen and Barry Nigrosh
Norman Rockwell Museum
Debbie and David O’Neill
Anne Oppermann
Lesley Oransky
Elaine Padilla
Bobbi Paley
Walter Pasko
Carole and Dwight Pearl
Bruce Peeples
Representative William “Smitty” Pignatelli
Priscilla Pike
Mary Jo Piretti
Barbara and James Pistrang
Eric Plakun and Deborah Buccino
Richard Platt
Sara Pollard
Arlene and Harold Potler
Pat and Bertram Pritchard
Purple Plume
Kathryn Quattrochi
David A Quinlan
Leslie M Reed
Jane F Reusche
Susan Riley
Paula and Richard Rivers
Senator Stan Rosenberg
Shirley and Saul Rubenstein
Carol Rubin
Susan and Jeremy Rudd
Susan Rudd
Jane Salata
Patricia and Joseph Salvadore
Barbara Sammons
Saunderstown Yacht Club
Myron Schiffer
Andrew and Joy Schmidt
Beatrice Selig
Elenore Selin
Ellen Senghas
Ann and Edward Shanahan
Virginia and Thomas Sheldon
Barbara and Bruce Shickmanter
Karen Shreefter
Linda Silvestro
Kenneth and Christine Singer
Hayley Spizz
Wesley and Elaine St. Onge
Gwen and Richard Steege
David and Laurie Sturma
Lenore and Paul Sundberg
Amy Sweeting
Melinda Tanzman
Alexandra Tinari
Nancy and William Travis
Iris Tuomenoksa
Grant and Joan Turner
David Twiggs
Nancy Vale
Ruth and Laurence Vallee
Marjorie and Edward Van Dyke
Zheni Verdugo and Marco Duran
Craig Vickers
Frederika M Vogt
Abbie Von Schlegell
Ruth and Martin Weinstein
Julie Weiss
Robert and Janice Welcome
Susan and Thomas Werman
West Stockbridge Grange
Charles and Karen Wetherell
Megan Whilden
Constance White
Marina and Douglas Wilber
Howard Wineberg
Wohrle’s Foods, Inc.
Thomas Wojtkowski
David and Katherine Yon
Lawrence Zacharias and Cathy Schoen
Linda Zukowski

A-List Luxury Car Services
ALJ Designs
Annie Selke Companies
Assembly Coffee Roasters
Richard Ayres
The Berkshire Eagle
Berkshire Habitat for Humanity
Berkshire Theatre Group
Ed Bloom
Kimberly Dean-Carlopoli and Marziale Carlopoli
Jane Charbonneau
Chocolate Springs
Color of the Berkshires
Catharine Deely
Melissa DiMassimo
district Kitchen & Bar
Edwards Church of Northampton
Eversource Energy
Veronica and Christopher Fenton
Flynn Pianos
Forbes Library
Amy Guachione
Houle Construction
Jessica Hudnall
Images Cinema
Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort
Johnson String Instrument
Linda Kaye-Moses and Evan J. Soldinger
Korean Garden
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
Anthony Lattizzori
John Lipa
Heidi Lovato
Richard Lysonski
Diane Mackey
Lisa Mallory
BJ Mancari
Beverly Moncy
Moscow Ballet- Talmi Entertainment
Lois L. Neumann and Susan Wojtasik
Northampton High School
Oak N’ Spruce Resort
Our Lady of the Hills
Pioneer Valley Ballet
PUBLIC eat + drink
Red Shirt Farm CSA
Reid Middle School
Sacred Heart Church
Colleen Shaw
Shrine of the Divine Mercy
Cynthia Smith
Smith College Museum of Art
Spring Street Market
St. Helena’s Chapel
Sandra and Thomas Stanley
Tyler Street Business Group
Webber Grinnell, Inc.
Chris Willis
Angela Wilson

Local Funding
Beacon Communities
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
Berkshire United Way
Boston Alliance for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth
Brien Center
Clinical and Support Options
Hampshire United Way
Northern Berkshire United Way
Treehouse Foundation
Willamstown Community Chest

Public Funding
City of Pittsfield
Department of Health
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Executive Office of Public Safety and Security
MA Children’s Trust Fund
MA Cultural Council
MA Department of Children and Families
MA Department of Early Education and Care
MA Department of Education
MA Juvenile Court
MA Trial Court
New England Farm Workers Council
North Adams Public Schools
Northern Berkshire Cultural Council
Pittsfield Cultural Council
Pittsfield Public Schools
Town of Williamsburg