Family Resource Center at BCF

drumming paint-nibble harvest-party
From Left to Right: Special Drumming Event, Paint and Nibble, and The Harvest Party

Families and youth looking for support services can find it here, at the Family Resource Center, 480 West Street, Pittsfield.  Services are available to anyone regardless of income, insurance or resident status.

The FRC works with youth, families and the community to:events-button

  • Help with school challenges
  • Provide parenting support
  • Create opportunities for new experiences and learning
  • Connect families and children to community resources
  • Offer fun activities for all ages.

Specialized services are available for youth who are having difficulties at home or school or who have been sexually exploited. Under the law, these children are sometimes designated as Children Requiring Assistance. The FRC  works with youth, family, schools, courts and others to create a family-centered plan with services and activities to help.

Family Resource Center Hours

Monday   9 AM – 7 PM

Tuesday   9 AM – 5 PM

Wednesday  9 AM – 7 PM

Thursday  9 AM – 7 PM

Friday        9 AM – 3 PM

Saturday (first and Third of the month) 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Walk-ins welcome.
Contact Yolanda Palmer
(413) 442-5333 ext. 266


Yolanda Palmer, Program Manager

Marlee Tiska, Clinician

  Sylvana Proaño,  Family Support Worker

Melia Hoffman, Family Support Worker

Tammy Martin, Family Partner

Cassandra Pugh, Education Liaison

 Versie Moore, Administrative Assistant

Emma Lenski, Live Out Loud Group Coordinator