“The value of our lives is determined by what we do for others.”        

                    ~ Simon Sinek    

Berkshire Children and Families welcomes community members to help us work toward our mission of Every child in a family. Every Family in a community.  Whether you volunteer, mentor, send a donation, attend an event, or work with us, your efforts are needed and appreciated.  The links below will help you discover how YOU can promote the well-being of children and the strength of families to build better communities in the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley.


Volunteers are vital for many of our programs.  Explore how you can help families and children.   Find out more!


Mentoring empowers youth by connecting them with caring adults who help them believe in their abilities and overcome difficult life challenges. Mentors make a difference!  Find out more!


BCF is committed to share our knowledge and experience with the next generation of leaders and staff.  We welcome interns in many of our programs.  Find out more!

Grow your family.

Foster and adoptive families are our most important collaborators. Learn how you can be a family – either temporary or permanent – for a child in need. Find out more!

Make a gift.

Donations and gifts — from businesses and individuals — are crucial to fill gaps in our funding to support innovation and growth efforts — both in programs and facilities.  Find out more!

Work with us.

Motivated, dedicated employees are invaluable to our organization and to the children and families we serve. Find out more!

Attend an event.

Our calendar is full of groups, meetings, and family fun activities!